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Introducing Resurgence Brewing Co.

admin/ August 19, 2017/ Announcements

We are proud to announce our latest partnership, with Resurgence Brewing Co. of Buffalo, New York! Resurgence Brewing Co. is a creative, unique and experimental brewery located downtown Buffalo.  Housed in a historic warehouse only a minute or two from the Peace Bridge, Resurgence has a lively beer garden and taproom and a wide variety of specialty and innovative brews.

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Introducing the Santa Monica Yacht Club

admin/ May 5, 2017/ Announcements

The Santa Monica Yacht Club (SMYC) is an boutique agency for the drinkers of Ontario, representing imported craft beers, wines and spirits. SMYC is an agency built on years of experience in the Ontario beverage alcohol world, founded by Cass Enright of The Bar Towel. We want to be an agency that is more open and accessible to the drinkers of Ontario. We call

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